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Lilac Writer Tags - New and Improved!

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You can now set a default tag for your main lyric list. Lilac Writer will then automatically select the default every time you log in.

One great way to use this feature is to Tag your active songwriting projects with "Active". Set Active as your default tag. Every time you log in, only your current, active lyric projects are listed. This can be really helpful as your catalog grows.

If you are working on your next CD release, you can tag all the songs for the CD with the title and then set the title as your default. When you log into Lilac, your lyric list is focused only on your current CD songs.

To set the default tag, click Settings at the top right:

Next, click "Manage My Tags" on the settings page:

Click the tag that you want to be your default:

Finally, click "Save" and your default tag is set!

Now, your lyrics list will be automatically set to the default tag view every time you log in!

Another subtle improvement makes setting tags easier. When you click the Tags tab in a lyric project, the tag editor is immediately in edit mode. Add tags or make changes then click "Update tags".

Tags are great way to organize your song catalog. If you have found a creative way to use tags, let us know, and we will pass it along in a future article!

Happy and inspired songwriting!

Rhymes for Songwriters: Part 1

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The all new Lilac Writer rhyming lookup was quietly released to our growing team of beta testers a couple of weeks ago. We haven't talked about this much yet except for a few hints on Twitter. I encourage you to take it for a test drive.

First of all, I want to mention that the rhyming look-up is not quite complete. There are many, many forms of rhyme and we are adding support for more of the extended and near rhyme forms every day now. You will find some great, useful and interesting rhymes for most one and two syllable words. Actually, lots of longer words will return great results as well. We will turn on the support for triple rhyme shortly.

The Lilac Writer rhyme dictionary is different. It is designed specifically for songwriting. Lilac Writer will return the perfect rhymes you expect. The biggest innovations in Lilac rhymes are the handling of the various forms of near rhymes.

Let's take a closer look at perfect rhyme. Perfect rhyme for a one syllable word by has:

1. The same vowel sound
2. The same ending consonant sound
3. A different beginning constant sound

Perfect rhyme list example: scene/clean/mean/screen

Most rhyming dictionaries do a pretty good job with perfect rhyme. Perfect rhyme is extremely common in songwriting. When an end rhyme is perfect, it provides a tight sonic connection between lines of a song. This is great if your song idea needs a tight connection AND you can find a rhyme that fits the meaning of the song.

The perennial problem with perfect rhyme is that there aren't that many matches for most words in English. This can lead you using very cliched rhymes like sky/fly or love/above. Millions of songs have been written over the past couple hundred years. The most obvious, singable perfect rhymes have been used and abused. Using cliched rhymes is a great way to make your song sound amateurish.

The remedy for this problem is to extend your search beyond perfect rhyme to family rhyme. Family rhyme for a one syllable word has:

1. The same vowel sound
2. A similar ending consonant sound
3. A different beginning constant sound

Example of family rhyme matches for "scene":

The Lilac Writer rhyme look up will give you a great selection of family rhymes along with other types of near rhyme like additive and subtractive. These choices will help you write lines with a connection very close to perfect rhyme but avoid overusing cliches. Even better, you don't have to compromise the meaning of your lyric just to make an end rhyme work.

The concept songwriters come back to again and again is "prosody." Do all of the elements of the song support the idea and emotion behind the words? If the lyric is about a concept that where there is doubt or an unresolved emotion, then many songwriters deliberately choose a weaker connection between lines. One of our goals is to provide near rhymes with various levels of sonic connection.

Starting with the word "night"

  • Perfect rhyme: light
  • Family rhyme: hide
  • Additive rhyme: rights
  • Subtractive rhyme: shy
  • Assonance rhyme: eyes

This list is ordered from the tightest rhyme to the weakest. I bet most of you could write a song section using that list in about five minutes! All of these forms of rhyme are useful and extend your options to words you might not have considered before.

That is a brief introduction to the new Lilac Writer rhyme look up. Try it out. Look up some words for your latest song or re-write!

Happy (and prolific) songwriting!


New in Lilac Writer: Autosave for Lyrics!

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As you edit your lyric, Lilac Writer will automatically save your work every 30 seconds. This new feature just works silently in the background.

Autosave will help you avoid loss of work if you lose your connection, power off without saving or something glitches on your computer. When you log back into Lilac Writer, your work will be recovered to the last autosave as if nothing went wrong!

Even if you have your lyric shared with 5 members of your band, autosave protects each writer with 30 second saves.

You can see the time of the last autosave in the time display in the upper right as edit any lyric.

Autosave is another step toward making Lilac Writer the songwriting and collaboration tool of choice by more songwriters everyday!


New Lilac Writer Feature: Timed Writing

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We have added a simple timer to the sidebar reference tab. There are useful preset times of 2, 5 and 10 minutes for timed writing.

Using Timed writing is simple.

1. Open either your ideas tab or or lyric for editing
2. Open sidebar if it is closed
3. Select the reference tab
4. Click one of the preset times for your timed writing.

A message will come up at the end of the time frame announcing the end of your timed writing session. We have chosen the most useful timed writing options based on our research and we would love to get some feedback on how this works for you.

This can help you get your ideas moving forward. The concept is to focus on an area of your lyric then start the timer and come up with as many ideas as possible with no editing. This is really what the ideas tab in each lyric project is for. Start with the song concept or title and write for 10 minutes. During that 10 minutes just write freely but incorporate as much sensory information in your writing as possible.

After your free write, look for ideas or potential words to use in your lyric. Now you might have more ideas for your second verse or the chorus. Maybe you have developed more backstory.

Now, you clearly don't need a software feature to do this. If you are writing in your notebook, you can use the timer on your phone (the iPhone has a nice count down timer). However, with Lilac Writer we want to keep what you need handy so you have less resistance to stay productive and become prolific!

Happy songwriting!

New in Lilac Writer: To-dos, Title Generator and More

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You might have noticed a steady stream of minor improvements in Lilac Writer over the last few weeks. Here are the highlights.

We always had actions to create lists of to-do items for your lyric projects. However, many didn't understand what "actions" were for, so we changed to the much more common term to-dos. To-do types now have both auto-complete and clickable links to make entering To-do items faster and easier.

Checked-off to-dos.
One problem users were reporting was that the list of checked off, completed to-do items would grow really long. To help with this, to-dos that are more than a couple of days old are not shown. You can easily see them by clicking "View all completed items" at the end of the to-do list.

Title Generator.
It started as an Easter-time Easter egg and was so popular, we made it into a permanent feature! When you are in a lyric project you will find the title generator in the sidebar on new the Reference tab.

There are also a few major features we introduced over the past month. If you haven't used Lilac Writer in a while, you might have missed these great new features!

You can now edit or add a description to files even after they are uploaded. This along with new YouTube links and the MP3 player, files have become indispensable. The content of your files are also easily referenced from the sidebar.

You can now share your lyric with other Lilac Writer users. This is a big new feature. Check it out on the Sharing tab in each lyric project.

You can add a running dialog of comments about each lyric. It is great for keeping your own writing journal. It is even more powerful when you are sharing your lyric with a co-writer. Entering comments can automatically email any or all collaborators to keep the momentum going on your project.

Let us know how you are using the improved and enhanced Lilac Writer! There is nothing to download or install, just Login at

If you have friends or co-writers that would benefit from using Lilac Writer, let us know and we will send them an invitation to the expanded Beta program!

Happy Songwriting,

The Lilac Writer Team

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