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Pro Tools Tips 5: Edit Modes - Grid, Slip, Shuffle and Spot

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This is a walk through of using all 4 edit modes with examples of how they might be used. I failed to mention the keyboard shortcuts so here they are: F1 - Shuffle, F2 - Slip, F3 - Spot, F4 - Grid

Pro Tools Tips 04: Creating Loops from a Sample CD

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In this video we put the keyboard focus tips to work by editing some drum loops from an audio sample CD. We start with the wavefile containing several 2-bar loops that have extra downbeats. Using PT8 editing commands we trim the loops, find the tempo, rename them and save them to a disk files for use in a future project.

Pro Tools 8 Tips 03: Part B Tempo Matching

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This is the second half of Tip 03. Here I match a beat from TCA to the piano part that was started from an Apple loop in PartA. I then use some basic editing commands to match the beat to the song tempo and quickly arrange a drum part for the song section.

Pro Tools 8 Tips 03 - Part A: Tempo Matching

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The 3rd in the series. This tutorial details how to add loops to project and match the them to the song tempo or match the tempo to the loop.

Pro Tools 8 Tips 02: Using the TCE Trimmer

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The second installment in our Pro Tools 8 tips series. In this episode, we go over stretching audio using the TCE trimmer tool. This is a handy tool to stretch or compress audio regions to match the tempo or your song. This clip also covers using Cmd-I to set the project tempo to match the tempo of a loop.

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