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Lilac Writer Tutorial - Editing Lyrics

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Lilac Writer has just what songwriters need and nothing more. This video covers the basics of creating and editing lyrics in Lilac Writer. We show inline remarks, font selection, printing and the automatic revision control. Yes, you can learn everything about Lilac Writer editing in 5 minutes!

Lilac Writer is online songwriting collaboration software. It has great tools for lyrics, rhymes. You can share your project with co-writers with minimum complexity. Keep track of all changes to the lyric with automatic revision control.

Pro Tools Tips 07: Editing to a Drum Groove - Part B

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The second half of Tip 7. We continue working on the guitar parts and the intro, editing to the drum groove. Sometimes this sort of edting is quicker than using advanced features like elastic audio and there is little degredation of the audio quality.

Pro Tools Tips 06: Creating a Drum Part from Loops

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This time we assemble a drum part to match an instrumental groove. We use Elastic Audio on the track to make the drum part match the project tempo.

Pro Tools Tips 5: Edit Modes - Grid, Slip, Shuffle and Spot

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This is a walk through of using all 4 edit modes with examples of how they might be used. I failed to mention the keyboard shortcuts so here they are: F1 - Shuffle, F2 - Slip, F3 - Spot, F4 - Grid

Pro Tools Tips 04: Creating Loops from a Sample CD

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In this video we put the keyboard focus tips to work by editing some drum loops from an audio sample CD. We start with the wavefile containing several 2-bar loops that have extra downbeats. Using PT8 editing commands we trim the loops, find the tempo, rename them and save them to a disk files for use in a future project.

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