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Studio One training videos are available!

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If you follow the Lilac Writer YouTube channel you are probably aware of the recording tutorial we have been posting. It started with some Pro Tools 8 tutorials but really took off when I started working with Studio One. I think Studio One is a great option for songwriters because it is easy to use yet powerful.

I am happy to announce that we worked with Groove3.com to produce a two part series of training videos for Studio One. The videos cover Studio One and the recording process end to end. If you want a fast way to get up to speed on Studio One check them out at Groove3.com!




New Videos: Coverage of Studio One Version 1.5

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If you follow the Lilac Writer YouTube channel, you know that I have been evaluating PreSonus Studio One. I think Studio One is developing as good option for Singer/Songwriters recording guitar/vocals demos or full band home studio demos. Many of Lilac Writer users use GarageBand but have been frustrated with stepping up to complexity of Logic and Pro Tools. Studio One is not as full features as those programs but it is much easier to use. It also allows you to work from recording all the way creating a CD master or digital release without needing to use other software. 

Two weeks ago PreSonus released version 1.5 with many enhancements. In this three part YouTube screencast, I cover many of the significant updates to Studio One. This is the first blog covering this series of First Looks videos. Even with no blog coverage, these videos have become some of the most popular ever released on the Lilac Writer channel!



New Video: Full Multitrack in Studio One

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Studio One is the new DAW from PreSonus. In this episode, I go over how to set up a full multitrack mix, organize groups of faders, track colors and sub mixes. It turns out to be quick and easy. The main limitation is no ability to hide or collapse tracks. But this is a small inconvenience. Setting up subgroups is super fast and almost a trivial compared to other popular programs.

New how-to video: Using Studio One with Apogee ONE

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The Apogee One has become a pretty popular device with Garage Band but as people outgrow Garage Band, Logic 9 is a pretty large leap in complexity. I think Studio One might be a great alternative. Support for the One is built-in in Garage Band but with S1 there are a couple of steps to get it setup. This video covers the setup, recording with the built in mic, then recording with a direct connected guitar.

Apogee One is a convenient all-in-one portable USB interface for Mac. Normally it's used with Garage Band or Logic, but it will also work well for as part of a compact Studio One songwriting setup. In this screencast, I go over how to set up both "Ones" to work together.

Fun With Studio One

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The second screencast feature Presonus Studio One. In this video, I use some tracks I had lying around and play with Studio One editing to add some drums and organize section of a blues tune to get ready to add some more ideas to it. In process you can see how to get around in Studio One, use stock loops matched to the project tempo, and do some basic editing.


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