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We just launched a new tab for each lyric project. The comments tab lets you create a discussion around your lyric project.

You can use comments to keep a journal of your lyric or write notes to yourself.

Comments become even more valuable for shared lyrics. If a lyric is shared, the comments tab becomes a place to build a discussion. You can put review notes there, suggestions, or post what you did so when your co-writer logs back in they can see exactly where you left it.

Adding comments is very simple.

1. Select the Comments tab

2. Type in your comment

3. An email will automatically be sent to all the collaborators. Uncheck the names of any of the people that don't need to get an email for the comment.

4. Click Post this comment

The comments tab shows the number of comments that have been posted in parenthesis like this:

To delete a comment, just click the trash icon next to the comment

If you are the lyric owner, you can delete comments posted by anyone. If you are a guest collaborator, you can only deleted the comments you posted.

The comment list is sorted the time comments were posted with the newest at the top. This also clearly shows who posted the comment along with the date.

TIP: If you are reviewing a lyric and providing critique, you can using the sidebar to display the lyric while adding your notes in the comment tab!

The comment tab was requested by several beta testers right after collaboration went live last week. Thanks to Beta tester A.E. for being the first!

Now with Sharing, Revisions, Files and Comments you have everything you need to get started on your next co-write!

Happy Songwriting!

The Lilac Writer Team

2 responses to “Discuss your lyric with comments”

  1. art Says:
    Apr 10, 2009 at 9:10 AM The features you're adding are really useful. I think this product is going to be very successful in gaining users.
  2. The Lilac Writer Team Says:
    Apr 10, 2009 at 9:47 AM Art, thanks for the comment. Since we started the beta, we have gotten so much great feedback. The feedback has gone directly into improvements and features.

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