Lilac Writer Tags - New and Improved!

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You can now set a default tag for your main lyric list. Lilac Writer will then automatically select the default every time you log in.

One great way to use this feature is to Tag your active songwriting projects with "Active". Set Active as your default tag. Every time you log in, only your current, active lyric projects are listed. This can be really helpful as your catalog grows.

If you are working on your next CD release, you can tag all the songs for the CD with the title and then set the title as your default. When you log into Lilac, your lyric list is focused only on your current CD songs.

To set the default tag, click Settings at the top right:

Next, click "Manage My Tags" on the settings page:

Click the tag that you want to be your default:

Finally, click "Save" and your default tag is set!

Now, your lyrics list will be automatically set to the default tag view every time you log in!

Another subtle improvement makes setting tags easier. When you click the Tags tab in a lyric project, the tag editor is immediately in edit mode. Add tags or make changes then click "Update tags".

Tags are great way to organize your song catalog. If you have found a creative way to use tags, let us know, and we will pass it along in a future article!

Happy and inspired songwriting!

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