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You can now add YouTube content to the Files tab in your lyric projects!

Open any of your Lyrics and click the Files tab.

You will find a new link "Add YouTube Content".

You can put in the YouTube ID and a description. Every YouTube video has an ID. For instance this Eric Clapton video.

The idea is at the end of the address. In this case, it is "fX5USg8_1gA".

After you have the YouTube ID of the video you want to link to, click "Add YouTube Content" on the files tab. Copy in the YouTube ID and type in a description if you like.

Click the Add YouTube Content button.

The video will be right there on the files page! You can click play and watch it from there. This is a great way to add reference video or even your demos recorded on YouTube into your Lilac Writer project.

You can even reference the video form the sidebar while writing your song!

Note: Some YouTube videos won't play when linked like this if the owner doesn't allow it. For those you can click the YouTube icon to watching right on the YouTube site.

This is a great new feature with lots of uses. Many songs start by referencing artists or songs and YouTube can be a great resource. It is also pretty easy to record audio and video directly into YouTube which can be great for adding your own content!

This is another great feature that comes from all the feed back we have received from the beta team!

Happy Songwriting!

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