New Videos: Coverage of Studio One Version 1.5

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If you follow the Lilac Writer YouTube channel, you know that I have been evaluating PreSonus Studio One. I think Studio One is developing as good option for Singer/Songwriters recording guitar/vocals demos or full band home studio demos. Many of Lilac Writer users use GarageBand but have been frustrated with stepping up to complexity of Logic and Pro Tools. Studio One is not as full features as those programs but it is much easier to use. It also allows you to work from recording all the way creating a CD master or digital release without needing to use other software. 

Two weeks ago PreSonus released version 1.5 with many enhancements. In this three part YouTube screencast, I cover many of the significant updates to Studio One. This is the first blog covering this series of First Looks videos. Even with no blog coverage, these videos have become some of the most popular ever released on the Lilac Writer channel!



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