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We have recorded a series of screencasts for YouTube with tips on editing in Pro Tools 8. This came about from direct discussion with Lilac Writer users. Sometimes the tech gets in the way of creativity. Sure it's great to have someone engineer your demos. However, much of the time songwriters need to be their own engineers.

We are not necessarily recommending Pro Tools to Lilac Writer users. There are many other affordable recording systems available today. We happen to know that many Lilac Writer users are using Pro Tools 8 for songwriting, and demo work. We thought a series on editing tips directed toward songwriters would be a good place to start. Give us some feedback and suggestions for future tips for Pro Tools or other recording software.

We want to encourage to write more and better lyrics, but to get those lyric out to the world, you need to record!

All of the Pro Tools 8 tip series videos are available on our YouTube channel:

You will also find the full series of Lilac Writer tutorials there as well. We post new content frequently its a good idea to subscribe to our YouTube channel and is you don't want to miss the new stuff!

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