Rhymes for Songwriters: Part 2

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I thought it would be interesting to try to write a song section from scratch using the Lilac Writer rhyming dictionary.

I approached this from clean slate. I had no idea what sort of lyric I wanted to write. The first step was to just create a blank lyric and save it.

The next step was to run the title generator to get a title idea to work from.

I don't love it or hate it but since I don't have another idea right now, I will copy that to my title.

My goal here is to write one song section. Since normally the title of the song is repeated in the chorus, I will get started on the chorus right away by repeating the title a few times:

Kissing Right
Kissing Right
Kissing Right

Okay... that's a start. Next I will use the timer feature set to 2 minutes and see if can quickly build on that idea:

Kissing Right
Yeah that's what it's about tonight
Kissing Right
Like if finally see the light
We got that spark
Kissing Right

Ok, I got a first version of the chorus done!

It works well to put the title in the chorus. Having the title in the opening line or the ending line of the chorus are both powerful techniques... so I just did both! I came up with some rhymes for "right" right out of my head.

Now that I have my quickly written first draft, I can see that this is not that great. The rhymes I came up with aren't very original. Actually, these rhymes are predicable and generic. Let's see if we can get something more interesting using the Lilac Writer rhyming dictionary.

I added a a new list of rhyming words then looked up "night". Scanning through all the returned results, I clicked on any interesting words I saw to add them to the list. I picked words the fit my idea of the theme or words the might take the story in a new direction.

To get some more ideas to work with, I look up rhymes for the other word in the title - "Kissing". Here are some words I collected from that search:

With those two lists collected. I am about 5 minutes into this song-write so far. I will now refer to my two lists and compose some new lines for my song section. I put my collected rhymes on the side bar and open the lyric for editing:

Here is the second version:

Kissing Right
This isn't about goodbyes
Can't deny we are so alike
After missing and wishing and guessing
We found a spark
Kissing Right
Kissing Right
Kissing Right

My re-write took another 5 minutes. I used several of the collected words.

goodbyes, alike, missing, wishing, guessing

Even though rhymes are often used for end rhymes, rhymes often work great within a line. I used internal rhyme as well as end rhymes in the version.

Now, I think I have a chorus section that I can start developing some verses ideas for. I will probably go through several more rewrites before this becomes a song, but it is an example of how you can use Lilac Writer to jump start your songwriting even if you have no ideas.

If you have some songs that need some new life, try rewriting one song section (a verse or the chorus) using this technique. Search for some fresh rhyme ideas using some of the words in your song then to a timed rewrite incorporating some the words. The results might surprise you!

If you have discovered great ways to use Lilac Writer for your songwriting, let me know!


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