Tag, You're It!

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I like to tag my lyrics using helpful categories like:

Song Starts
Title Ideas

As you use tags they appear in the Tagged list in Lilac Writer.

You can then filter your main list of lyrics by clicking on a tag like Active shown here.

Now I have narrowed down my list to just the songs I am actively working on. This gets more and more helpful as you get a longer catalog of lyrics written.

You can add as many tags as you want to each lyric. Some songwriters use tags for the genre like Pop, Rock, Country, Metal, or Ska.

Beyond just tagging songs with the status or genre you can use tags for all kinds of other things like Set #1, Cover Tunes, Beatles, Projects or Chord Progressions.

To apply tags to a lyric, use the yellow Tags tab after you open the lyric.

Any tags you have in use on other lyrics can be quickly added by just links. For new tags just type them in separated by commas.

Have you found a creative use for tags? *Tag, you're it! Send us a note. We would love to hear about it!

Happy organizing,

The Lilac Writer Team

*Had to work the title in there somehow!

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