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We heard you and we implemented it... the number one request from beta users has been for an easier way to look up rhymes.

Now looking up rhymes within Lilac Writer is super simple. Here is how it works:

- Select a lyric project you are currently working on, and go to the Rhymes tab.

- Enter a keyword in the "Lookup Rhymes" field and click the "Find Rhymes" button. The result will display right below... see screenshot below.

- The returned list includes a nice selection of perfect and near rhymes. You can now copy and paste any of these words to your rhyming lists!

This new feature makes it easier to follow the 3 step lyric writing process.

1. Brainstorm - Use the ideas tab and do free creative writing with a timer running (5 or 10 minutes works pretty well). Start with an idea, title or just any object around you. Include as much sensory detail as you can.

2. Look up rhymes - use interesting words from your Brainstorming session to build a worksheet of rhyming words. Select some words and find 3-5 words that rhyme or are near rhymes.

3. Write a song section - Start composing a song section. A chorus is always a good place to start. Refer to your list of rhymes or your Ideas using the sidebar as you compose lyric lines.

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  1. Art Says:
    Mar 14, 2009 at 5:38 PM Wow! Cool new feature!

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